Nubela, an Office, a Home, and a Story From The Bali Trip

Nubela team
Everyone is in the same frame, yeay! (Photo by Steven)

“When you hard, you hard”. Why? Because work hard and play hard is a mainstream sentence to describe my incredible teammates, it’s less cool and boring, also I just want to start the story with broken grammar because most of us are not fluent in English. And still, we can share the same happiness together.

It all started on 6 June 2022, it was 2:30 AM and I still cannot sleep well because I was too excited to meet everyone. Normally, we are working from home, just saying hi from our computers, joking around in front of monitor screens and separated hundreds — thousands of kilometres away. We never met in person. That’s why I cannot wait to meet everyone and share each other stories — in real-time.

Nubela Surabaya and Bandung team arrive in Bali
Arrived in Bali. Aji, Keyka and Singapore team have not arrived yet when the photo was taken. (Photo by Bayu)

Short story, we are arriving in Bali and we are ready to meet the Singapore team after lunch. I was a bit nervous, waiting and looking at them come together from my bus window. After they come onto the bus, they greet us, everyone looks so happy and healthy, which is awesome. It was my second time meeting Steven and the family. Also, it was my first time meeting Bach and Kelly.

Fancy dinner at the beach
Waiting for the food with a pose, cheers~ (Photo by Kelly)

Afterwards, we eat dinner altogether at a fine-looking view restaurant. We sit on the beach and eat yummy seafood, what a paradise. We drink and eat, talked and joked, get to know each other, and laughed together. That was a beautiful night, I am so grateful surrounded by cool people at Nubela.

Exchange gifts session. Those are not your regular newspaper, choose wisely 😏 (Photo by Kelly)

After dinner, we go back to the villa and start the next activity, exchanging gifts, yay! Everyone should bring a give between 10k-50k IDR, then wrap it with a newspaper. So everyone cannot guess who gives what, except Ria, she already knows what is inside the blue package and who is the gifter, she holds it like finding a gold treasure. Besides that, we all enjoy what we have at that precious moment, even the smallest gift can bring its own joy.

That is the most lively session ever, we are laughing like there is no tomorrow and our happiness is blended together. We live the life.

Peace and thumbs-up hand sign from the left picture. Harris riding a jet ski in the centre picture. And the last picture is Bach teaching everyone at the table how to play a card game at Palmilla Beach Club. (Photo by Ria, Bayu, and Kelly)

The next morning, we started to go to the other destinations, right after finishing our breakfast. Our first destination was to try the water sports. Me and the boys are ready to prepare things to enjoy our new activity, riding a banana! Next, some of us enjoy riding a jet ski. Personally, I did not try to ride the jet ski, I was interested, but the sunlight is too hot at that moment, ehe. I already getting tortured by living in Surabaya every day. Usually, we have an average temperature of around 32'–35' Celsius. Bali weather is built different, I cannot stand too long directly from the sunlight at that moment, pardon my weakness ✌️

After enjoying the water sports, we continue to the next destination, we go to the Palmilla Beach Club, to enjoy more of the Bali beach. We just chill together, eat some snacks, drink fancy water, and enjoy the vibe.

The clock is ticking, it’s 19:00 local time or 7 PM and all of us must leave the Palmilla Beach Club and then go back to the villa. Not to forget about our dinner, that night we ordered food from KFC on our way back to the villa. More minutes later, we arrive at the villa. We eat our dinner, tell some stories, play some games, and rest.

Everyone is so happy, awesome! (Photo by Kelly)

Last day, umm… The saddest part I have to write. Because the only activity we do is to say goodbye to each other. That was hard, I just met them, having fun and now we are separated again, and guess what, we will meet again later. But still, it feels sad.

I am stuck here, it hard to find a good way to end up the story. Simply because I don’t want it to end. I still want to play around with the memory. But the Bali chapter has an end. I will continue to the next chapter, don’t know where. Will tell you later once we meet again.

I remember how caring Steven was with everyone, he listen to all of our thoughts, he work hard to keep the company alive, he give solutions for every hard situation, and most importantly, he taught us how to be a good people. He is the man, the savior.*standing applause 👏

Bach… Most of us seem to be afraid to face Bach before the trip started, we are all nervous. But, it’s all gone after we spent three days with him. Actually, Bach is a pretty interesting person. He can make a walking duck looks interesting to us, he can explain anything interestingly. He is the magician ✨

Kelly is a caring person, she is our “everywhere photographer”. She will be instantly behind your back and bam! “Congratulation, you already have a new picture, thanks, Kelly”. She is also very kind, friendly, and humble, she can be friends with an ostrich. Literally, she can be friends with anyone 🤝

Talking about Victor, it’s already three years now since he introduced himself to the company, we should open a bottle of champagne to celebrate, but both of us don’t drink and cannot afford it, haha. So, let’s cheer with mineral water instead. He is that one friend who will always reply to you, whatever you wrote. Sankyu Mas Ito 👋

Ria is the managing master. She can invent a new world order organization actually and she can make a stone crying if she wants. “Take it or leave it”, is our only option when ordering food with her. Besides that, she cheats at every single game we play on that trip. But still, everyone respects her 🖖

Even though Aji just joined Nubela. I personally knew him from a hundred million years ago. We were good prokaryotes back then. And look at now, we are on the same team, same company, and same DotA rank (Herald) *sigh. What an idiot. But because of him, now I want to buy an analogue camera 📷

Keyka is the most polite person. Leo is our supermodel. Bayu is our dictionary, he has a million stories that everyone can relate to. Avid is that kind of guy. Harris is a calm person. Jafar easily can smile. Roma is the tallest building. Yusril can laugh at everything. Inna is the swearing god. Nita is the party girl. And Hammas is the okay guy.

Not trying to be dramatic, but I can say, I already miss everyone. That three days trip feels like a blink of an eye. Wink! Everyone comes and another wink is gonna be everyone leave.

There is a buffalo in Germany, please follow my IG @ajiwandi. Thank you and see you next time, good people ☘️



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